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Call me Hitsuji, 24, from the USA (I live in the southern part). If this is your first time visiting, please read this.

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What's going on???

OK, so it's been a looooong time since I made the update...
So sorry!!!

So many things have happened...
I got a new job at a sushi restaurant (I'm a cook).
I got married!!
I moved into a new place (but it's in the same neighborhood...)

...maybe not so many things, but they are biiig things!
Nowadays, life feels like it's speeding by like a bullet train!
I'll try to do better at keeping up, I promise!

About this blog

This is my blog, so it's mostly about me and the things I find interesting.
If you don't find it interesting, please don't read it...

I am kind of shy, so it might be difficult for me to open up at first, but this is partially an exercise in overcoming shyness, so please help me...

I hope that maybe you can get to know me through this blog, and perhaps we can become friends.



This year will be Year of the Rabbit 兔...
No longer Year of the Tiger 虎 (my year).
..but at least I have until Feb 3~!!

Did everyone have fun watching Kouhaku
I'm downloading it to watch now...
I've had swine flu the past few days...
so no New Year's merriment for me...

But, happy news other than that!!
For a late Christmas gift, I got engaged!!
So, I'm getting married soon!

I'm shocked...
but in a good way!!
I guess I'll get to be a bride after all...
I'm so happy~

Happy News in Idol-land!!!

I found out that Non-tan had given birth only a few days ago!!
It's a cute baby boy~~
They named him Seia, which is an adorable name!

The characters, 青空, can be translated as either "blue sky,"
or "young sky." Either of these is completely adorable!!

I'm so excited for her and the rest of the Sugiura family!!

Congratulations, and best wishes!!


Life is especially boring now that I'm home...
I'm just working... christmas time is very busy.
They're having a party for us at work sometime next week, I think?
I'm kind of excited...maybe we'll get to play secret santa?

I'm not sure, but I'm definitely very, very bored lately...
I wish the holidays were already over so it will get warm again...
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