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Call me Hitsuji, 24, from the USA (I live in the southern part). If this is your first time visiting, please read this.

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Last Day of Vacation...

Today is our last day in California.
I'm gonna miss my mom...

So, today is just to spend time with her!

This afternoon, we'll eat sushi...
and then, at 3:00, leave for LAX...
2 hour layover...
But it's ok! We'll have dinner in Los Angeles!

Probably won't be home until 3am our time!

I've had so much fun!!
Last night, we walked around the Mission District,
The Castro , and Haight-Ashbury!

We ate at the People's Cafe,
and then had dessert at Ben & Jerry's!
(I had mango and pomegranate sorbet!!)

So, even though we got lost in the Castro,
and didn't see everything we had planned on,
we all still had a good time.

(...I don't wanna leave!!)




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