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Call me Hitsuji, 24, from the USA (I live in the southern part). If this is your first time visiting, please read this.

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Vacation so far!!

So, today is the fourth day of vacation!! (yay!)
The airplane was really really scary at first...
...but it ended up OK.
(I didn't even throw up!! ...VICTORY!)

Day 1: we walked the Golden Gate bridge
and ate in Sausalito at the Cheesecake Factory!
Then, we drove around downtown San Francisco
and saw Nihonmachi (Japantown)
and Chinatown!!
Also, we saw the Buddhist temple!!

Day 2: we drove around Berkley and saw
the University of California,
all if the cool shops, and ate North Beach pizza!!

Today, we're going to try to see all the sights in downtown and walk around...

Haight-Ashbury and the Japanese tea garden...
...Japantown (I wanna go to the mall and the bookstore...)

I wanna eat sushi @ a Japantown sushi-ya
and drink hot green tea~~

Everything around here is so beautiful and clear!!
Mom's apartment is right on the Pacific Ocean~~
and it's so easy to get around! You can walk everywhere~~!
but there's also the bus and train!

...I love it!!




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