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Call me Hitsuji, 24, from the USA (I live in the southern part). If this is your first time visiting, please read this.

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I have this idea...
it's for a cooking show on youtube

Since I work in a restaurant
and I enjoy cooking...

I had this idea because last week,
one of the servers asked me to make fried rice.

Of course, I wanna try something new,
so I made it.

I was surprised!
It was actually really, really good!

So, I was thinking....
what if I made this cooking show?

Is it a good idea...
or maybe not...

I don't really know...


I'm about to leave the house to go and pick up my new 3DS!!!

aqua blue nintendo 3ds
It's the blue pretty~~

I'm really excited!!!

Fortune Telling

Do you ever read horoscopes?

I don't really believe in that sort of thing...
but it's fun all the same, right?

In case you're wondering, my constellation is the Crab...
and in Chinese astrology, I'm the tiger!!
Also, my blood type is

So, that means I'm emotional...and shy...
and I get my feelings hurt easily.
Also, I'm stubborn and get mad easily...
but also, I'm carefree, generous, and clumsy...

haha, it's too many things at once!!
...but in a way, it's kind of accurate!

Lately, I'm thinking about dyeing my hair...
A friend of mine said she wanted to dye it.
At first, I was like "NOOOOOO!!!"
...but it's because I worked so hard to grow it out!

I think maybe a pretty cerulean-type bright blue would be nice...
but I don't know....I'm always so self-conscious about this type of thing...
...maybe I'm not cool enough?

...maybe. I don't know

Nintendo 3DS!!!

I am sooo excited

"Why?" you might ask...'s because the Nintendo 3DS is coming out later on today!!!

I have one reserved at GameStop~

I can't wait!
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